Bean Rí Pendant, Sterling Silver Queen Necklace, Queen Meabh, Warrior Woman Jewelry, Spirituality Pendant, Fertility Goddess Necklace

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Beautiful sterling silver Queen Maeve Bean Rí Pendant textured with lace and embellished with brass.

You’ll feel like a queen anytime you wear this beautiful pendant. This unique piece is inspired by Irish mythology and Celtic folklore and designed in Ireland.

The Ancient Irish were believed to be descended from the Tuatha de Danann – the Tribe of Anu, an ancient Earth Mother goddess believed to be wed to the Celtic Sun god Belenos. Warrior goddesses feature throughout Irish history with Queen Mebh, and Morrigan often represented in battle as a Crow, and Scathach who trained Cuchulain in the art of swordsmanship. This design represents the Irish female energy.

This product measures 49mm long and 13mm wide.

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The Storyteller

Úna O Boyle is a jewellery designer, maker and story teller. She uses her craft and her designs to retell the ancient stories of her Irish Celtic culture.  She is a creative independent thinker and passionate about her designs.

Úna has always been a keen traveller. Having studied anthropology at university she has travelled the four corners of the globe.  She has an appreciation of different cultures and this has enhanced her appreciation of her own culture.  She is passionate about the mythology and folklore that define her Irish Celtic culture.  She is currently studying the Irish language which she believes will give her a richer insight into her rich heritage.

"I grew up in West Belfast in the late 60s and early 70s and often escaped to Donegal in the West of Ireland on Summer holidays. My grandfather and great aunts and uncles lived in Malinmore, Glencolmcille, a remote rural area dotted with megalithic tombs and standing stones - our Summer playground. These ancient relics were referred to as Diarmuid and Grainne’s grave....the lovers pursued by Cuchulain. We listened to my Great Uncle tell stories of the “little people” living under the mountain where you might see smoke rising up from the ground and hear them playing music. I never knew whether he believed it or not...or for that matter whether I did! 

This duality of my upbringing both living in an area of conflict and finding refuge in a beautiful part of Ireland with such a rich history of folklore and a strong sense of belonging, soaked into my creative DNA. I hope you get as much from wearing my jewellery as I do in designing it!"