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Barry John Sausages is a family run gourmet sausage manufacturing business from Cavan. Barry Crowe a 2nd generation artisan butcher has been creating these quality sausages since the age of 13. Barry’s secret to these scrumptious gourmet sausages originates from his unique “spice recipe” he crafted from an early age. This is the award-winning traditional pork-based recipe he uses when creating all of the imaginative quirky flavours that Barry John Sausages are renowned for.

Barry John Sausages are made with 75% Irish pork meat and he uses as much locally produced ingredients as possible. Barry and his team are dedicated to producing high quality gourmet sausages, they still hand make and hand pack each of the sausages. Barry has won many awards, both European and Nationally for his crafted gourmet sausages.

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