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Keepsakes by Georgy

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Hair or fur pendant Heart or Teardrop silver DNA personalised jewellery (Copy)
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Hair or fur pendant Heart or Teardrop silver DNA personalised jewellery (Copy)
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Breastmilk Heart Pendant Sterling Silver by Keepsakes by Georgy (Copy)
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Pandora style charm breastmilk jewellery
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Cremation ashes jewellery teardrop memorial pendant
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Keepsakes by Georgy
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Pocket hug
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Terms and Conditions

Life guarantee for preserved breastmilk by Keepsakes by Georgy.

The amount of breastmilk required is around 5 ml but we can work with less.

Hair/fur at least 50-60 hairs/fur 2cm long are ideal but we can work with less and shorter.

Around one teaspoon of ashes is required but we can work with less. #####*****#####*****#####*****

Instructions for sending your inclusions to us and our shipping address will be emailed to you after completing your payment. #####*****#####*****######****

Inclusions can simply be posted to us in small zipped bags to our address in Waterford City, Ireland (please read the exact instructions once completed your payment).

Please note that it could take up to 12 weeks for your creation to be posted to you counting from the day we have received your inclusions and your customised settings (if applicable).

* For customised settings/items that we have to order specially for you finalising your creation it might take longer than 12 weeks depending on the goldsmith/silversmith turnover times making your special settings/items.

We are doing our best to deliver your creation as soon as possible! The average turnover time is around 3 weeks.

We will always keep you updated regarding progress on your creation but feel free to contact us if you like.

The resin used to create your keepsakes is the best quality but please be aware that chemicals, water and extreme temperatures can damage your keepsakes. Guidance and advice on caring for your jewellery and keepsakes is sent with your order. Failure to follow the care instructions may result in your creation being damaged over time. Repairs can be undertaken through prior arrangement with us for a nominal cost.

We offer LIFE GUARANTEE for our preserved breastmilk, we guarantee that your breastmilk preserved by us will not get brown, black or moulded, otherwise we will remake free of charge your breastmilk keepsake at any time.

Refunds and returns


All faults/damages must be reported within 7 days of receipt of your creation.

Each creation is handmade and although we will endeavor to replicate your creation to the sample you chose, there will be slight differences in appearance. Please also note that the resin colour of your creation may not always be exactly as it appears online.  Each resin piece is hand crafted and possible air bubbles may be evident and colours could change in time. Colour of the natural flowers could also fade in time. All our creations are unique, they may look similar but they will never be two the same because of their nature.

As each creation is your personal breastmilk or any other custom inclusion, we are unable to accept any refunds or offer any returns.

By sending us your breastmilk or other inclusions you agree that we can store the remaining inclusions for up to 24 months in case we need them for repairing your creation or to use for your next order (except ashes and hair which will be sent back to you with your creation if not advised otherwise).

Please be aware that Keepsakes by Georgy will only use your breastmilk preserved by us and will not send you any remaining preserved breastmilk.

Keepsakes by Georgy is not responsible for any losses or damages to your creation, irrespective of the age of it. Guidance on Caring for your creation is provided so we cannot be held responsible for how you wear or use your creation.  This includes necklace chains that break, jump rings that open, plating that wears off, shadow boxes, metals on creations such as bookmarks, cufflinks, pins and other metallic creation.

Loss of inclusions during shipping

Keepsakes by Georgy requires NOT to ship all your inclusions you might have at home therefore in case your shipped inclusions get lost you should be able to ship more inclusions as refunds are not available at any stage after client’s payment for a custom order.

You have maximum of 25 weeks to send us your inclusions. It is your responsibility as a client to ship your inclusions to us so that we can complete your order, if you fail to do so, refund is not available, your money paid for your creation will be converted in credit points to spend in our store, minus an administration fee and the expenses for making the customised setting will be deducted from the full amount paid by yourselves. You, the client, have to make sure that you keep the receipt from shipping agent after sending us the inclusions and to contact us if you haven’t heard from us in 5 working days as we always inform the client when we receive the inclusions.

If the item is damaged you can return the item to us at the cheapest possible postage. Please retain proof of postage.

If the creation has been lost in transit please contact the post office with your tracking number provided by us, as Keepsakes by Georgy is not responsible for loss in transit orders, yes we can support you in complaining to the post office agent but Keepsakes by Georgy has no responsibility for the posted orders.

The client is responsible for presenting their correct ring size.

We are unable to change your ring size once your order has been placed.

Any changes to your creation after you have received it in good conditions from us it will be made at a nominal cost.



We offer 6 months warrantee on our items.

This guarantee does not extend to damage caused by obvious misuse where our aftercare instructions are not followed or if the keepsake is lost or stolen or if the keepsake frames are dropped or damaged by physical forces, humidity or inadequate storage temperature.

Please be mindful that it is normal for precious metals such as silver and gold to tarnish from different reasons such as humidity or other chemical reactions, the best place to store them is in a dry safe place, in their packaging box (preferably with an antitarnish pad or/and the silica sachet most of the time they are provided with your creation) or wear them as your skin can clean the tarnish naturally, otherwise clean them as per our Care Instructions with a cleaning cloth.

Always store your creation clean, clean it with a soft cloth damped with plain water and dry it with a soft cloth.

The guarantee does not cover jump rings that have opened, necklaces that have snapped, shadow boxes or any metal (i.e. Metallic parts from bookmarks, hair pins, cufflinks)

If you wish to return the item please send by recorded delivery and let us know when it is on its way. If it breaks after 6 months we will repair it for a nominal cost.

Our total liability to the performance of this order shall be limited to the value of the goods. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect of consequential compensation arising out of the performance or non-performance of this contract.

Keepsakes by Georgy.

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