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Two countries coming together to enLIGHTen a passion and share our journey with you.  In early 2021, Estelle (South African) and Olivia (Irish) started experimenting with scented candles, homemade bath fizz bombs,  scented bath salts and flower arranging.  Never did we imagine the response we would get from our family and friends.  That was the beginning of this awesome journey we want to share with you and bring a little love, fragrance and harmony into your homes.

All our products are 100% hand made with love, care and flare, using only high-quality ingredients and all 100% natural ingredients – from our candles, wax melts, bath bombs, bath salts and of course our beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Where possible, our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable and candle containers are reusable once candles are finished burning.  Our candles have a burn time of between 20 – 40 hours – so plenty time to enjoy the scents drifting through your homes.

All our products are locally sourced and produced in our home in our small town of Virginia, County Cavan in Ireland.

Why not let us indulge your senses in your “FOR AFTER…….” Are you curious yet😊 – contact us and we will create your FOR AFTER😊

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