The Secret of The Mince Pies -Recipe Book

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Discover the real secret of the mince pies & more in this little gem of a book. A collection of Monica’s beloved late mother Christina Haughey’s recipes. Over 20 delicious recipes that will invoke nostalgia & the desire to get out the wooden spoon & bake!

Recipes include :

Christina’s Brown Soda Bread ,Wheaten Bread ,Scones ,Butterfly Cakes, Flakemeal Biscuits ,Chocolate Squares and of course gorgeous mince pies !



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A collection of over 20 of Christina Haughey’s recipes. Delicious sweet treats and bakes that you will remember from childhood. A perfect stocking filler this Christmas. Soft back – 48 pages 21cm x 21cm weight 200g Author Monica Haughey is a psychotherapist who lives in Dublin and enjoys supporting entrepreneurs with their passion. This recipe book was born from her passion after her mother passed away to create a book which honours her skills as a cook and loving mother, neighbour and friend. The book contains a very practical and helpful companion for  any kitchen and it has the everyday recipes such as bread, cakes and also some wonderful Christmas recipes.