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Fused Glass wall art inspired by a sunrise on waterFrame size 36cm x 18cm (14 x 7inchs)
Sunrise on calm waters Fused glass wall art
Eddies Glass Art
Details and dimensions
Features: Original handmade artwork | Abstract alcohol ink wall art | Black and blue ink | Framed wall hanging ready to be hung | Modern home decoration | Hand painted in Ireland | River map | Resin Artwork

Measures: Height 30cm x Width 40cm x Depth 1.5cm, Weight: 616g
Frame: No - Artwork created on wood cradle board, attached metal hook and stand at the back 
Paint Medium: Ink, Acrylic paint, UV protection gloss varnish 
​Display: Horizontal/Landscape 
Use: Interior decoration only
Special note : Keep away from direct sunlight to protect the vibrant colors from fading
There is Hope - Original Handmade 3D Resin Wall Art
Mixed media collage


Handmade Coastal Wall Art | Ocean and sea shells theme
Features: Original Hand crafted Artwork | 3D Mixed media collage | Sculptural Wall Art | Hand painted rocks and shells | Coastal home decoration | Sea shell art
Details and Dimensions: H 58cm x W 15cm

Measures:H 58cm x W 15cm

Frame: NO

Medium: Organic elements, such as sea shells, rocks and sea weed, acrylic paints, tile adhesive, high quality gloss varnish

Display options: Vertical/Portrait - Interior Decoration
Gifts from the Irish Sea
Beautiful Sea Glass Art handmade locally using sea glass collected from the beaches and rocks of Sandycove and Seapoint, Co Dublin, sustainable Irish handmade gift. Laundry Day!
Copy of Laundry Day! (f61b6b)
Dalkey Sea Glass
Running Free is an original oil painting by Margaret Rattigan
65 inches by 50 Inches
beautifully framed in a double frame.
Running Free. Orginal oil Painting by Margaret Rattigan
Margaret Rattigan Art
Custom designed foiled baby birth detail print 
Custom baby nursery foiled art print
StudioPink Ireland
Abstract alcohol ink wall art |
Details and dimensions

Features: Original hand painted artwork | Abstract alcohol ink wall art | Blue, gold and black Ink | Framed wall hanging ready to be hung | Modern home decoration | Hand painted in Ireland

Measures: Height 43cm x Width 33cm x Depth 1.5cm (Including frame)
Frame: yes - wooden frame and glass - attached metal hook and stand at the back 
Medium: alcohol inks, permanent markers, UV protection gloss varnish 
​Display: Horizontal/Landscape or Vertical/Portrait
Use: Interior decoration only
Special note : Keep away from direct sunlight to protect the vibrant colors from fading
True colors -Original Abstract Alcohol Ink Painting
 Introducing: "Sunset Stroll with Tara" 
 Capturing a precious moment of joy and connection, I painted my daughter with her beloved pony, Tara, as they took a leisurely stroll along the picturesque shores of Ballymastocker Bay. 
 With each brushstroke, I infused the canvas with the warmth of the setting sun and the boundless happiness shared between a girl and her faithful companion. 
 Join me in celebrating the simple pleasures of life and the beauty of cherished memories with "Sunset Stroll with Tara" - a painting that radiates love, laughter, and the magic of friendship! 
 Approx Measurements 
23 cm x 18 cm
9 inches x 7 inches.m
"Sunset Stroll with Tara"
Jacinta Callaghan Art
 Introducing: "Guiding Light: Fanad Lighthouse" 
Painting the majestic Fanad Lighthouse was a true delight, capturing its pristine white form standing proudly against the backdrop of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. 
 As I brushed each stroke, I couldn't help but feel the magic of this iconic landmark, where countless memories of love and joy have been etched into its rugged coastline. 
 Join me in celebrating the beauty and history of one of the world's most photographed lighthouses, perched on Ireland's most northerly headland. 
 Let's embrace the timeless charm and enduring spirit of Fanad Lighthouse with "Guiding Light: Fanad Lighthouse" - a painting that captures the essence of hope, love, and adventure! 
Approx Measurements
19 inches  X 23 inches
48.26 cm x 58.42 cm
Oil Painting "Guiding Light: Fanad Lighthouse, Co. Donegal, Ireland.
Jacinta Callaghan Art

 Presenting: "Atlantic Majesty: The Great Pollet Arch" 
 Behold the stunning beauty of Ireland's largest sea arch, immortalized in vibrant oil paints in my latest masterpiece. 
Painting the Great Pollet Arch was a captivating journey, with every intricate detail of the rugged rocks and the Atlantic waters adding to its allure. 
 Join me on a voyage to the eastern side of the Fanad Peninsula, where this majestic sea arch stands as a testament to the raw power and breathtaking beauty of nature. 
 Let's celebrate the marvels of our world and the joy of artistic expression with "Atlantic Majesty: The Great Pollet Arch" - a painting that captures the essence of coastal wonder and adventure! 

Approx Measurements
 22 x 18 inches
57 x 47 cm
Oil painting Atlantic Majesty: The Great Pollet Arch" Fanad C.o. Donegal, Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
 Introducing: "Oceanic Majesty: The Twelve Apostles" 
 Transport yourself to the breathtaking shores of Australia's Great Ocean Road, where the stunning Twelve Apostles rise majestically from the vibrant blue-green waters, a sight that stole my breath away. 
 Capturing the essence of this awe-inspiring landscape in vibrant oil paints, I sought to convey the sharp beauty of the limestone pillars against the Caribbean-like glow of the ocean's hues. 
 Join me on a journey to Port Campbell National Park, where the remaining eight Apostles stand tall as a testament to the power and beauty of nature's artistry. 
 Let's celebrate the wonder of the world's natural treasures and the joy of discovery with "Oceanic Majesty: The Twelve Apostles" - a painting that captures the heart and soul of this iconic Australian landmark! 
Approx measurements
18 inches x 19 inches
45.72 cm x 48.26
"Oceanic Majesty: The Twelve Apostles"
Jacinta Callaghan Art

The Boardwalk

 Dive into the tranquility of nature with a stroll along the famed Boardwalk, where every step unveils the beauty of flora and fauna against the backdrop of stunning sea views. 
 Whether you're walking, running, or cycling, this 1km wooden marvel offers a unique and captivating experience that inspired me to pick up my brushes and paint. 
 From the holiday villas to the Inner Beach, enjoy leisurely strolls amidst breathtaking views, with access to Trá Mór's 3km stretch of sandy beach leading to the charming village of Downings. 
 Join me in celebrating the joys of outdoor adventure and the beauty of Ireland's coast with "Coastal Serenity: The Boardwalk" - a painting that captures the essence of peace and tranquility! 
 Let's embrace the magic of nature and cherish the moments of serenity that await us on the Boardwalk! 

Approx Measurements
39.5 x 15.5 inches
100.33 cm x 39.37 cm
Oil Painting The Boardwalk, C.o. Donegal, Ireland.
Jacinta Callaghan Art
 Inspired by the vibrant sights of New Zealand, I stumbled upon a delightful and unique idea during my holiday - a wheel repurposed as a colorful postbox! 
Brooksdale, nestled in the scenic countryside of Canterbury, is where this charming find awaited me, south of the picturesque Lake Rubicon. 
 With camera in hand, I couldn't resist capturing this unusual sight, and back in my studio, I poured my creativity into transforming it into a captivating oil painting. 
 Join me in celebrating the beauty of unconventional art and the joy of discovery with "Kiwi Charm: The Wheel Mailbox" 
 Let's embrace the magic of unexpected beauty and cherish the moments that make our hearts smile! 
Approx Measurements
 18.5 x 13 inches 
47 x 33 cm 
Oil Painting"Kiwi Charm: The Wheel Mailbox" Brooksdale, New Zealand
Jacinta Callaghan Art

Introducing: "Tranquil Treasures of Buncrana"
 Reveling in the beauty of Buncrana, where every moment feels like a cherished memory waiting to unfold! 
 Swan Park and Castle Bridge hold a special place in my heart, where the tranquility of nature meets the charm of history. 
Did you know about the hidden gem of Buncrana Castle, standing tall since 1718, offering scenic views that captivate the soul from afar? 
 Join me in celebrating the simple joys and timeless wonders of Buncrana with "Tranquil Treasures of Buncrana" - a painting that captures the essence of this beloved town! 
 Let's embrace the magic of the moment and cherish every glimpse of beauty that surrounds us! 

Approx size.
55cm  25.5 cm

1.5 inches x 9.5 inches
Floating framed included.
Oil Painting "Tranquil Treasures of Buncrana" at Castle Bridge Buncrana C.O. Donegal, Ireland.
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Warden Beach or Ballymastocker Bay or Tra’ Bhaile Mhic an Stocaire. 

 Introducing: "Seaside Splendor: The Three Sisters" 
 Behold the mesmerizing beauty of Portsalon/ Ballymastocker Bay, captured in exquisite detail in this stunning oil painting. 
 Let your imagination drift along the sandy shores, where the iconic Three Sisters rise majestically from the glistening waters, revealed only when the tide graciously recedes. 
 Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Donegal's Wild Atlantic Way, I ventured with my camera to capture this fleeting moment, then poured my heart and soul into my art studio to bring this vision to life on canvas. 
 Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of discovery with "Seaside Splendor: The Three Sisters" - a radiant tribute to the wonders of Portsalon and its enchanting surroundings! 
 Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Portsalon, voted the second most beautiful beach in the world, where every wave invites adventure and every sunset promises serenity. 
 Embrace the magic of the moment and let your spirit soar amidst the splendor of the Irish coast! 
Approx Measurements

25.5  x 13.5 inches
66 x 30.5 cm
Floating framed included.
Oil painting "Seaside Splendor: The Three Sisters" in Warden Beach/ Ballymastocker Bay. Co. Donegal. Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Embrace the Beauty of Fanad! 
Ventured out with my camera and heart full of inspiration to capture the timeless charm of St. Columba's Chapel and Graveyard, nestled along the tranquil shores of Mulroy Bay. 
 Back in my Art Studio, I let the colours dance on my canvas, bringing to life the serene elegance of this historic chapel against the backdrop of the majestic Wild Atlantic Way. 
 Witness the magic unfold as strokes of oil paint delicately portray the intricate details of St. Columba's, a beacon of faith and a testament to the rich heritage of Donegal. 
 Let your imagination wander as you envision the gentle whispers of the wind, weaving tales of times gone by and dreams yet to unfold. 
 Join me on this artistic journey, as we celebrate the beauty of our surroundings and the joy of creation with my latest masterpiece, "Tranquil Reflections." 
Size approx
49cm x 46 cm
19.5 x 18 inches
Frame Included with Glass.
Oil Painting called"Tranquil Reflections. St Mary's Chapel, Fanavolty, Fanad ,C.o Donega,l Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
 Delightful Art Alert! 
Step into the world of culinary charm with this vibrant masterpiece! 
 Behold the beauty of simplicity captured in strokes of oil paint - Three luscious apples nestled upon a cozy tea towel, exuding warmth and tranquility. 
 Perfect for any kitchen, restaurant, or home decor, this enchanting painting adds a dash of freshness and a pop of color to any space! 
Embrace the joy of art and the sweetness of nature with this delightful creation! 
Approx measurement
18. 5 inches x 14 inches 
47 cm x 36 cm
Frame Included.
Oil Painting Harvest Harmony
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Oil painting of beautiful Drumnacraig beach in Fanad. A stunning beach to stroll on.  Situated on Fanad Peninsula is one of Donegal's many hidden beaches. Situated north of Portsalon and below the Great Pollet Sea Arch.  Also in  Irish Drom na Carraige. which is to be Back of the Rocks. 
Approx size including frame.
58cm x35cm
36 inches x 66 inches.
Oil Painting of Drumnacraig Beach Fanad Co Donegal Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Capturing the majesty of Errigal in my latest oil painting journey!
Its peak stands at 751 meters, dominating the Derryveagh Mountains in County Donegal, Ireland. With its iconic gable-fronted design, this masterpiece portrays the mountain's striking silhouette against the backdrop of rural beauty. Learn more about this breathtaking landmark and its scenic climb on my website! 

Approx Size.
40cm x 56cm
22 inches x 16 inches 
Including Frame.
Oil Painting of Errigal Co Donegal Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
This oil painting of Fanad Lighthouse was a treasure to paint. It is such a stunning white lighthouse when I was painting it.  I love the way the light stands proud with the Atlantic ocean behind. People have wonderful memories at Fanad Lighthouse.  Among these are proposals engagements, weddings. With the rugged coastline around it.  The beautiful contrast of colour highlights its beauty. 
One of the world's most beautiful and photographed lighthouses on one of Ireland’s headlands most northerly headlands in Fanad Co Donegal Ireland.
 The lighthouse has been keeping watch on marine traffic since 1817.
In 1817 the Saldhana was wrecked in Lough Swilly with the loss of 254 souls with the only survivor the ship's parrot.
It was after this tragedy that a lighthouse was built and was first lit on St Patrick's Day 1817. It is now a holiday destination with apartments for rental.
Approximate Measurements.
26 inches x 14 inches
66cm  x  36 cm 
Oil Painting of Fanad Lighthouse C.o. Donegal, Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Castle Grove House is an Irish Country House Hotel and Restaurant.
This beautiful Castle Grove is a family-run Georgian house built in 1695.
 Situated at the end of a mile-long avenue on the shores of Lough Swilly,
Ideal for weddings and special occasions Castle Grove is described as a hidden gem in Donegal
Approx measurements
40 cm x 30 cm
16 x 12 inches
Includes Frame.
Oil Painting of Castle Grove House Letterkenny Co Donegal Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
This is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach from Portsalon pier to Knockalla in Fanad Co Donegal Ireland an amazing scenic drive. It has been voted the second most beautiful beach in the world. It is a safe place for swimming and surfing, and it backs onto a very fine 18 Hole Golf Course Portsalon. Also boasts a couple of caravan parks. And is a widely known holiday destination. 
Approx measurements
38 x 66 cm
15 x 26 inches.
Frame included
Oil Painting Warden Beach/Ballymastocker Bay C.o. Donegal, Ireland
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Discover the timeless beauty of this Hiberno-Romanesque Catholic church, built in 1876-7. Admire its distinctive freestanding gable-fronted design, nestled in a rural landscape with Errigal Mountain as its backdrop. The church features charming elements like round-headed window openings, a clock-face, and a niche with a statue. With a pitched slate roof and a tower crowned by a conical stone roof, this architectural gem exudes elegance. Step inside to find a simple interior adorned with timber boarding and exposed braced-arch timber trusses. Surrounded by a tranquil graveyard, it offers a serene setting for contemplation. Experience history and beauty in one place.
Size Framed approx:
58 cm x 45 cm
23 inches x 17.5 inches.
Oil Painting of Church of the Sacred Heart in Dunlewey, Gweedore, C.o. Donegal, Ireland.
Jacinta Callaghan Art
Dive into the enchanting world of lilies with my latest oil painting.
 Indulge in the timeless elegance of delicate white petals cascading from a vase, capturing the graceful allure of my favorite flower. Each stroke of my brush celebrates the striking beauty and resilience of lilies, symbolizing endurance and nature's artistry.
Explore my gallery to bring home "Lilies of Serenity" that will addd a touch of elegance and wonder to your space!
Approx Measurements
29.5 x 25 inches
74.93 cm 63.50 cm
Oil Painting "Lillies of Serenity"
Jacinta Callaghan Art