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Including some of our best selling products, makes this Green Mini Box the perfect gift to surprise someone you love ! Make sure to make this box extra special by adding your own personal note!


Gift Box Includes:


Lapcos Cica Face Mask

Calm Popmask - Self Warming Eye Mask

Solaris Organic Peppermint Tea Tea

Palm Free Seaweed Handmade Irish Soap Bar
Glorious Green | Mini Box
Care Box Collection
Including some of our best selling products, this Blue Mini Box is sure to leave your loved one feeling refreshed ! Make this box extra special by adding your own personal note!


Gift Box Includes:


Lapcos Aqua Face Mask

Lapcos Peppermint Foot Mask

Solaris Organic Earl Grey Tea

Blue Velvet Scrunchie
Tiny Topaz | Mini Box
Care Box Collection
This box is the perfect way to bring wellness into your loved ones day.

Including the Pause guided gratitude journal, gold ball point pen, two nourishing face masks and a handmade irish coffee body scrub, allow these beautiful products and bright colour scheme to be the ideal gift for your loved one.

Gift Box Includes:
Pause Guided Gratitude Journal

Gold Ball Point Pen

Oh K! Vitamin C Glowing Sheet Mask

Lapcos Honey Nourishing Sheet Mask

Moher Soap Co Coffee Body Scrub
Sunrise Gift Box
Care Box Collection
Best Kept Secret For Smoother Hair & Skin Kbamboo pillow cases  are 100% bamboo 300 thread count fabric making these pillow cases are  luxurious to feel , super soft, temperature regulating, anti allergen, anti microbial and kinder to the environment.
Bamboo Pillow Cases 100% Organic
Check out our guide to pick the perfect Konjac for your skin: Available in Aloe Vera Charcoal Bamboo Rose French Pink Clay Green Tea Star Fish Pure Walnut Shell  
Konjac Half Moon Facial Sponge(Free Delivery)
-Suitable for all skin types but especially for oily, teenage & blemish prone skin -Cleanses and gently exfoliates skin -Clears pores and bacteria -Leaves skin feeling fresh and revitalised -Compostable and reusable -100% Organic and cruelty free
Charcoal Bamboo Konjac Body& Face Sponge( Free Delivery)
Jasmine Bath Bomb, handmade in Donegal, Ireland
Jasmine Bath Bomb
Donegal Handmade Treats
A rich, luxurious, intensely moisturising serum. It is a complete all-in-one product which is suitable for all skin types and creates a wonderful velvety feel, perfect under makeup.
Luxury moisturising and conditioning serum with Vit A
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Suitable for all skin types especially dry/irritated skin, scars and stretchmarks. Also can be used under makeup/tan. Rich in Vit C and A and Omegas 3 6 & 9 Hydrate, Moisturise, Exfoliate, Brighten, Reduce Inflammation, Help Fade Scars, Helps Reduce Appearance of Stretchmarks/Fine Lines and Acne Scars, Helps Relieve Itchy Skin and Reduces Sun Damage. Size: 150ml.
Rejuvenate & Replenish Luxury Body & Facial Oil, with Rosehip, Shea, Apricot and Vitamin E
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Handmade crystal necklace by Irish artist Rowan Ocean.

Citrine is a beautiful amber coloured crystal symbolizing Joy, Prosperity and Energy.
This beautiful handcrafted necklace comes with a silver-plated 20″ link chain.
Gift pouch included
Slight variation in shapes of crystals
Handmade CITRINE necklace by artist Rowan Ocean
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Handmade crystal necklace by Irish artist Rowan Ocean.

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal symbolizing Protection, Wisdom and Healing. This handcrafted necklace comes with a silver-plated 20″ link chain.

Due to the uniqueness of crystals, this exact necklace is one of a kind. Others will vary in shape and size.
Handmade AMETHYST necklace by artist Rowan Ocean
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Semi-precious stone Rose Quartz is what are these earrings are handmade of. They are designed from the nice round light transparent pink pearl and lace metal elements. With open wire made of stainless steel you can put them on your ear very easy and take them off. This lightweight piece of jewelry is great for everyday wearing. It will fit well like wedding jewellery or can be a great gift to your girlfriend, mother, sister or niece for Christmas or birthday. Rose Quartz is birthstone for Libra zodiac sign but it is also connected with Taurus horoscope sign.
This natural crystal is attached to heart and throat chakras and presents love and compassion in every meaning of that word. It is not only related for love to your boyfriend or husband it is about love and respect for yourself, to gain unbreakable bonds to let the energy flow. It is good heart healer improving circulation and boosting our heart muscles to work best as possible.
Rose Quartz Earrings - Unconditional Love - Jewelry made of Semi-precious Stones
Rose Quartz bracelet is handmade piece of jewelry created by Crystalico Art. It is design from nice round light pink pearls and metal laced ornaments. This natural semi-precious stone can help us to open and heal heart chakra. It may bring love, inner piece, respect and support to our life. It is good for pregnancy, helping mother to bond with their children and boosting circulation in our body to go as best as possible. It is well knowing like crystal of unconditional love so it can be a great gift for Valentine’s day or to your girlfriend for Christmas. You can treat people you love with Rose Quartz jewellery for birthday especially if they are in Taurus or Libra (birthstone) zodiac sign.
Rose Quartz Bracelet - Unconditional Love - Jewelry for Gift
Wheatgrass juice is the most nutritious drink you can have every day
Packed with natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Our Wheatgrass Growing & Juicing kits make growing & juicing fresh wheatgrass easy.
Wheatgrass Growing & Juicing Kit
Better Plants
Moonestone earrings are everyday piece of jewellery. They are created from cubic beads with mat finish but faceted edges. They are completed with Tibetan silver ornaments and stainless steel hooks. They are lightweight so you can enjoy in them through out every day. Unique jewelry like this will be great birthday present for people born in Gemini and Cancer zodiac sign. Before sending they will be cleaned with Palo Santo wood smoke and charge with 528 HZ frequency of love and positive energy.
Moonstone crystal is usually connected with higher chakras like crown or third eye. It is very useful feminine stone because it can help women with fertility, pregnancy, birth, menopause or menstrual problems. It embrace inner strength and clarity in our self and bring us hope. Crystalico Art Irish online store offers you bracelet and necklace that matches these earrings.
Moonstone Earrings - Woman Positive Energy Jewellery
Moonstone necklace is piece of jewelry handmade from mat finish cubic semiprecious stones beads. They are light milky-white or semi-transparent in colors with faceted edges to give them a little spark on every movement. This natural stone is completed with simple stainless steel round beads, buckle and adjustable chain made from same material. This unique piece is wearable everyday and fit perfectly into every style. This natural crystal represent divine feminine energy and may help woman with menstrual problems, menopause, fertility and pregnancy. It is a stone for “new beginnings” helping us activate creativity, to grow inner strength, cope with emotional instability and stress providing calmness in hard times. It is connected with third eye and crown chakra. By horoscope it belongs to Gemini and Cancer zodiac sign so it will be great birthday gift for people born in June/July.
Moonstone Necklace - Woman Positive Energy Jewelry
Plastic free, eco friendly body loofah
Exfoliating body loofah by soapandmore
Moonstone bracelet is handmade piece of jewellery from Crystalico Art collection. It is created from mat finish cubed beads with faceted edges. It minimalist design will fit perfectly into everyday style no matter what age are you. This natural semi-precious stone represents inner clarity and a connection to the feminine. It can embrace woman power and strength to new beginnings. It is a symbol of light and hope and closely linked to themes of femininity such as fertility, pregnancy, birth, balance, softness and intuition. It is connected with crown and third eye chakra. By horoscope it belongs to Gemini and Cancer zodiac sign.
Moonstone Bracelet - Woman Energy Jewellery
A delicate rose gold and silver coloured Woman’s Magnetic Bracelet with 4 Health Elements for an extra boost to your overall wellness. People use Magnetic Bracelets to help with: ✔ Arthritis ✔ Migraine ✔ Back Pain ✔ Sports Injuries ✔ General Aches and Pains   ** Please check your size is correct against our size guide in the image. **
Meadowsweet Dusk - Rose Gold and Silver Women's Magnetic Bracelet with 4 Health Elements
Magnetic Mobility
Carnelian bracelet is handmade of natural semiprecious stone beads in light and dark orange colors. They are completed with Tibetan silver ornaments and charm at the end. With carabin buckle and adjustable chain made from stainless steel this jewellery will fit very well on every hand.
This nice and warm crystal represent energy, motivation and courage. It stimulates creativity and empowerment, help us to bring positive life choices with helping us to trust our self and our perceptions. It is symbol for loyal, royalty and health. It is connected with root, sacral and solar plexus chakra and belongs to Leo, Cancer and Aries zodiac/horoscope sign.
Carnelian Bracelet - Energy Jewellery Handmade by Crystalico Art
Semi-precious stone Amethyst has always been one of the most popular one through out centuries. His nice purple colors brings in people calmness and inner peace. It is connected with crown chakra so it is a great crystal for learners and meditation as well. It may help us visual new ideas, relieve the stress or cope with fear, anger and anxiety.
Crystalico Art designed this bracelet from nice shiny round beads with crystal rose in the middle. It is completed with simple stainless steel beads, clasp and the adjustable chain at the end with small charm. This handmade jewellery can be a great gift for people born in Capricorn or Aquarius zodiac sign.
Amethyst Rose Bracelet - Handmade Jewellery by Crystalico Art
A lovely vegan soap. Includes an exfoliant. Fragranced.

140g (Approx)
Mechanic's Soap 140g
Lonesome Boatman
A lovely vegan soap. Fragranced with Lavender.

140g (Approx)
Lavender Soap 140g
Lonesome Boatman
A lovely vegan soap.

140g (Approx)
Black Soap 140g
Lonesome Boatman