Personalised New Baby Boy/ Girl Pebble Art, Christening gift

A lovely pebble art picture frame featuring a couple embracing their baby. A perfect gift to congratulate a couple on the birth of their new baby boy/girl, suitable for a baby shower or as a Christening gift.

A lovely pebble art picture frame featuring a couple embracing their baby, perfect for a baby shower or as a Christening gift.

Made to order only, have it personalised with the name of the baby, his/hers date of birth or Christening date.

This frame is self standing but can be hanged as well. It is white in colour and is available in two sizes:

– 8×8″ (18 x 18 cm approximately),

– 9×9″ (23 x 23 cm approximately).

Please click on my store name above RocksnpaperbyAmelia to see my full range of products. My Pebble and Sea Glass art pieces make wonderful gifts, many of them are available on a made to order basis so you can personalise them, but I also have some off the shelf items. All pieces are my own design and created with a lot of love using natural materials collected on my walks along the beautiful Irish beaches and woods.

During the lockdown I also developed a line of non-rock items, which I branded MadeConEstasManitas, i.e. made with my little hands, a tribute to what we used to say at home when we were kids. Here you’ll find some handmade jewelry (a girl needs some bling!), zero waste cotton rounds and hand-embroidered items.

Based in Carrigaline, East Cork, I ship worldwide and can combine postage, you should only be charged one rate if you are buying multiple items from me (from either brand). In the event, the system added them on, I will organise refund of the extra shipping charges.

Thank you for supporting my handmade store.



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Hello, My name is Amelia and I’m thrilled you found my shop. If you are reading this it’s hopefully because you like it :-)Originally from Spain, I moved to Ireland over 20 years ago, where I worked for many years and met my fabulous Cork man (my rock!) with whom I have two little boys (my associates…well, my partners in crime!) Although a woman of science, I inherited an artistic vein from my parents: I got the love for nature from my mum, while my dad passed on to me a fascination for all things paper. I started crafting with my eldest son (Lucky L), while my youngest (Dino D) had his naps, just the usual things to entertain a toddler like painting smiles on a rock, in fact my first logo was created with Lucky L. Now the three amigos go out together on a nature hunt & come back home with lots of treasure: branches, leaves, seeds, rocks, pebbles, sea glass, feathers, moss…we sit at the table and we let ourselves create. The mind of child is amazing and I find myself asking for their opinion on my creations…and I’m the adult haha! Anyway, I hope our little story put a smile on your face and thanks for stopping by! Keep on smiling, love Amelia