Oil Painting "Guiding Light: Fanad Lighthouse, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

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 Introducing: "Guiding Light: Fanad Lighthouse" 

Painting the majestic Fanad Lighthouse was a true delight, capturing its pristine white form standing proudly against the backdrop of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. 

 As I brushed each stroke, I couldn't help but feel the magic of this iconic landmark, where countless memories of love and joy have been etched into its rugged coastline. 

 Join me in celebrating the beauty and history of one of the world's most photographed lighthouses, perched on Ireland's most northerly headland. 

 Let's embrace the timeless charm and enduring spirit of Fanad Lighthouse with "Guiding Light: Fanad Lighthouse" - a painting that captures the essence of hope, love, and adventure! 

Approx Measurements

19 inches  X 23 inches

48.26 cm x 58.42 cm