• Vroom-Town: The Adventure of Tim The Tipper i

    This Special Edition, award winning book, is the first in the Vroom-Town series. It is a beautifully presented and illustrated hardback version of the existing successful paperback book. It is a ‘must have’ for all existing fans of Vroom-Town as well as little ones yet to discover the exciting and endearing characters. In 2016, it won first place in the Writer’s Digest Book Awards in the USA!

    In this story, BullyDozer tries to cause havoc in Quentin’s Quarry and is mean to Tim and Theo… but will he get found out….? You will have to read the book to find out!

  • Vroom-Town Irish Book Bundle

    Our Irish book bundle is a beautiful gift for any child who enjoys Irish or to develop a love of the language. Just to note, there are English versions of the books too – if the little one wanted both English and Irish versions to compare and learn! The books included are two wonderful adventures: Eachtra Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit ag Cur Gach Rud Bunoscoinn and Eachtra Tim The Tipper i gCairéal Quentin.

  • Sold By: MicheálsCrafts

    Micheál and the Magical Circus Returns

    Sold By: MicheálsCrafts

    This gorgeous children’s circus book will bring all the magic of the circus into your home.

  • Tom’s Exciting Adventures on the Farm

    Tom’s Exciting Adventures on the Farm – Children’s Picture Book

  • Ella’s Exciting Day at the Country Fair

    Ella’s Exciting Day at the Country Fair – Children’s Picture Book

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  • Vroom-Town The Adventure of Vabis the Scania

    This is the sixth book in the series and is a Scania Official Licensed Product.

    A real page turner for children, this book introduces Vabis, a charming Scania truck, to the Vroom-Town readers. Vabis and some of the other trucks go on a day trip to a National Park. What a lovely adventure… or is it? Terrible Terry is up to his old tricks and causes a volcano to erupt! Will the volcano damage the environment? Will the trucks get home safely? You will have to read the book to find out…!

  • Sold By: Fun Art

    Bear with Purple Hair, An Animal Alphabet

    Sold By: Fun Art

    Journey through the Alphabet and meet many interesting animals in unusual situation, from the Antelope and the Telescope, to the Zebu and her didgeridoo!. Each beautifully painted illustration is accompanied by fun facts and trivia, designed to entertain and enlighten as you learn

  • Vroom-Town The Adventure of Santa and the Mag

    The Adventure of Santa and the Magic Truck Dust is the fifth book in the Vroom-Town Series. It features a very special person. Santa Claus!

    This magical story is a fabulous journey of excitement, fun and adventure. The Vroom-Town trucks are all very excited when Santa Claus asks them to make him a new sleigh. Unfortunately, Terrible Terry and BullyDozer have other ideas! They sabotage Santa’s sleigh to make sure it won’t be ready in time to do his deliveries on Christmas Eve! Oh Dear! Will the children get their presents? Will Terrible Terry and BullyDozer get their comeuppance? You will have to read the book to find out…

  • Sold By: www.books4u.ie


    Sold By: www.books4u.ie

    The award winning author Nicholas Oldland five books based on the wild adventures, the bear, moose and the beaver and what they got up to, Walk on the wildside , Making the Moose out of Life, Up The Creek, Big Bear Hug and the busy beaver

  • Vroom-Town Hardback Book Bundle

    A Perfect Gift! This bundle includes the two limited edition, hardcover versions of The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry and The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos It is a beautiful present for the funsizer in your life. The glossy Vroom-Town hard covers make this a deluxe present while also ensuring the books are hard-wearing in little hands! The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry won FIRST place in the Writer’s Digest Book Awards in America!

  • Sold By: Pikodo

    The President’s Surprise

    Sold By: Pikodo

    A very special surprise has been planned for the President’s birthday and he is sent out to walk the dogs in the Phoenix Park so preparations can get underway.

    But will the President enjoy his day out in the park so much that he forgets his own birthday party?

    A witty and stylish celebration of the birthdays, the President and one very funny surprise.

  • Sold By: Pikodo

    The Magic Moment by Niall Breslin (Bressie)

    Sold By: Pikodo

    Freddie is excited about his first trip to the swimming pool. But when he gets there, he finds it scary. So scary in fact, that he just wants to go home …

    Later that evening, Nana teaches him a secret trick. It’s called the Magic Moment Trick and it gives you superpowers when you’re facing something scary. You simply close your eyes, think of your happiest memory and squeeze your finger and thumb together.

    Beautifully illustrated by Sheena Dempsey, Bressie’s first picture book for children incorporates an easy mindfulness technique within a charming story. The Magic Moment helps children return to the present moment and is a must for parents or anyone working with children who wants to help them feel the fear and jump in anyway.

  • Sold By: Pikodo

    Take Five by Niall Breslin (Bressie)

    Sold By: Pikodo

    Following the success of his first picture book, The Magic Moment, musician and mindfulness expert Niall Breslin (Bressie) is back with another important life lesson for young children, beautifully brought to life by illustrator Sheena Dempsey.

    When Freddie sees all the presents his friend Ben gets for his birthday, he feels a bit sad …

    Nana teaches Freddie how to be thankful for everything he has – together they count all the wonderful things in their lives. This gratitude trick is a helpful technique for dealing with the uncomfortable and often confusing feelings of jealousy that children inevitably encounter.

  • Sold By: Pikodo

    Construction Picture book, Interactive

    Sold By: Pikodo

    So much to discover on the construction site!

    With this interactive picture book made of FSC® 100%-certified wood, children will get to know the operations on a construction site.

    They’ll go on a tour of exploration with the big wheel loader and the yellow road roller. This is how young children can playfully discover the construction site while learning to tell their own stories.

  • Irish & English Book Bundle

    Wouldn’t it be great if your little one could read the same book in both Irish and English? Look no further!

  • Sold By: BellMeadow

    What If? A book of Imagination for small chil

    Sold By: BellMeadow

    What If , a book of imagination

  • Vroom-Town The Adventure of Terry The Terribl

    This is the second book in the Vroom-Town series.

    In this story, Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit woke everyone up with a Crash, Bang, Wallop! He wanted to cause as much chaos as possible today….. but will he feel remorse and change his mean ways…? Will Trevor ever get home safely? Will Bill Byrne realise just how terrible Terry is…? You will have to read it to find out!

  • Vroom-Town The Adventure of Tang Arnold and h

    Vroom-Town is a wonderful place where all types of trucks with all types of personalities live, work and have exciting adventures. All of the Vroom-Town books are jam-packed with terrific characters and lots of adventure. However they also deal with social issues like bullying and the importance of telling an adult and friends if it is happening – all subtly immersed in the story. The books also highlight the importance of friendship and kindness. Each book is about good winning over evil and demonstrates that there are consequences for actions. This is the fourth book in the series.

    In this exciting story, Tang Arnold O’Truckass – a very different truck with monster wheels comes to visit! Some of the trucks were a little scared of him at first, as they had never seen anything quite like him before but one broad smile from Tang Arnold and they were at ease. However, Terrible Terry did not like him and on a sightseeing trip of Vroom-Town he used his spikes to puncture one of Tang Arnold’s beautiful monster wheels!! Will Tang Arnold get his tyre fixed? Will he ever recover? Will Bill Byrne find out? Will Terrible Terry get into trouble? You will have to read the book to find out!

  • Vroom-Town The Adventure of Screech the Small

    In this story, Screech’s cousin Sparkle comes to visit. When they go to a party in Quentin’s Quarry, they more than they bargained for ! Terrible Terry & BullyDozer play a dreadful trick on the two young trucks and they end up trapped in a cave! Will they escape? Will their friends find them? What will happen…?

  • Vroom-Town Deluxe Set of Books. Price INCLUDE

    Price INCLUDES shipping!  The Deluxe Set of the Vroom-Town Series is the perfect gift for the little girl or boy in your life. It includes all of the books in the series to date:

    2 Limited Edition Hardcover Books: The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry AND The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos and 4 Softcover Books: The Adventure of Screech the Small Truck Caught in the Cave, The Adventure of Tang Arnold and his Monster Truck Wheels, our magical Christmas book, The Adventure of Santa Claus and the Magic Truck Dust and our exciting new book, The Adventure of Vabis and the Sleeping Volcano (a Scania Official Licensed Product).


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