• Sold By: Manny Man Merch

    Manny Man Does the Histor

    Sold By: Manny Man Merch

    22 page colouring book of Irish History

  • Father Jack’s Whisk

    Father Jack’s Irish Whiskey stones are engraved with his favourite words – Drink, Feck, Girls, Arse!

  • Adult Mystery Football Gi



    The perfect gift for any football fan of any age.

    A gift box packed with great football memorabilia along with a great jersey in your specific size.

    We specialize in jerseys from outside of the Premier League so everyone gets something that stands out.

    Everything in our boxes are 100% authentic. Please message for any special requests.

  • 50% donated to Charity, B

    Hi, my name is Joe O’Reilly. I’m 75 years of age and was born and bred in Dublin city. I love art and have been painting and sketching for many years now.

    Recently, I decided I wanted to raise funds for some of the charities that are close to my heart. So I’ve decided to sell prints of my work for €18 each( 15% discount for 3 or more ) 50% of the proceeds are donated to 3 charities Alone, Aware or Aoibheann’s Pink Tie .
    With the help of my daughter Karen, we’ve set up this webpage. Well, Karen set it up. I don’t even own a smart phone!

  • Sold By: Lashfleek


    Sold By: Lashfleek
    1. Magnetic lash & Magnetic Eyeliner
    Sold By: Lashfleek


  • Sold By: 3D_sign_ire

    Device Stand – 3D P

    Sold By: 3D_sign_ire

    3D Printed! Universal Device Stand. Can hold Phones, Tablets and even Nintendo Switch Consoles

    It allows charging while on the stand which makes it perfect for video calls, watching YouTube and making TikToks.

    Ideal for working from home and home school.


  • Scratchable Map Ireland

    It’s hand drawn A2 map of Ireland. It has 62 attractions with attractions in all 32 counties. 🗺 ☘️
    The idea is that after you visit an attraction, you scratch off the name to reveal the beautiful hand drawn picture of that attraction.
  • Easter Gift Set

    Personalised Mug and Cadbury Dairy Milk med Chocolate Egg

  • Irish Wildflower Gift Car

    Irish wildflower gift card, give something different with wildflower seeds specially for Irish Bees and Butterflies

  • Sold By: WordyGurdy

    Customised LP Song Lyrics

    Sold By: WordyGurdy

    A really cool and unique typography print that will look great on any wall – it’ll be the talking point of everyone! We take the song lyrics of your favourite song or a song that has memories and create a circle to mimic an LP – the centre of the record has the song’s Spotify code, which, when scanned will play the song. Frames are not included – this is for the print only.

    Sold By: WordyGurdy

    Customised LP Song Lyrics

  • Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Valentines Mug & Gif

    Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Enjoy valentines day this year by giving something with a bit of fun!

  • Sold By: Thread Softly

    Padded Walkers Bag

    Sold By: Thread Softly

    Stylish padded walkers bag for all your essentials – adjustable strap – can be worn around waist, hip or crossbody

    Sold By: Thread Softly

    Padded Walkers Bag

  • Sold By: TideClockShop

    IRISH ROADSIGN-fully cust

    Sold By: TideClockShop

    IRISH ROADSIGN.Made in Ireland- placename roadsigns with free customization included.

    These signs are reminiscent of the days in Ireland when the roads were marked by black and white bilingual road signs(which often pointed the wrong way!)

  • Irish Wildflower Seedbomb

    Back In Stock

    The best time to plant is Spring and Autumn, but all year round is ok because the clay will protect the seeds until conditions are right for germination.

    Give Irish bees a helping hand with these amazing little seedbombs. They provide much needed habitat and food for pollinators. They are made of Irish clay, compost and Irish wildflower seeds. Simply throw or drop them into your garden, in the hedgerow on the side of the road, stone walls, unused garden space, anywhere you want a wildflower haven where bees and butterflies will flourish. They are designed to practically grow themselves, no garden tools or skill required – help bring the bees back and inspire a sustainable food system for the future.

    Once the right weather conditions arrive for germination our little seedbombs will explode into life and grow into mini wild flower meadow. If it is not the right conditions wildflowers will not germinate and will stay dormant waiting for best conditions. So don’t worry about the time of year!

    Great for people who find it hard to garden and small children. Wildflower seeds can change seasonally but your bombs for example will usually include a generous mix of:


    Marsh Marigold
    Red and white Campion
    Common Poppy
    Devils Bit Scabious
    Field Scabious
    Lady’s Smock
    Common Knapweed
    Ox-eye Daisy
    Germander Speedwell
    Wild Thyme
    Deep blue Spring Gentian
    Purple Loosestrife
    Ragged Robin
    St Johns Wort

    Dwarf Sunflower 


    Each seedbomb box will cover approximately 4 square feet. With the perfect mix of annuals and perennials you can expect this coverage to increase with years to come. The perennials will not die at the end of the season, they will self-seed and then germinate on their own year after year.  Seedbombs are packaged by weight and with the natural nature of this product number can vary – there will usually be between 4 and 6 seedbombs per box.


  • Memory Keyring


    Memory Tag key rings comes with its own box. Postage included in price anywhere in Ireland Heart now offered in Red colour on request

  • Sold By: Lashfleek

    INFLUENCER(Magnetic Liner

    Sold By: Lashfleek

    Innovative Magnetic lashes & Liner Inc in kit.

  • Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Valentines Mug & Gif

    Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Enjoy valentines day this year by giving something with a bit of fun!

  • Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Valentines Mug & Gif

    Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Enjoy valentines day this year by giving something with a bit of fun!

  • I am that little Robin wi


    A gorgeous personalised gift to mark the passing of a loved one.

  • Personalised Pet Bowl

    Personalised Pet Bowl available in small/medium/large in 7 colours

    Small bowl (130mm x  45mm holds up to 150gm of dry dog/cat food approx…)…Suitable for cats and small/miniature breed dogs (Eg: Bischon, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier etc..)

    Medium bowl (170mm x 65mm holds up to 250gm of dry dog food approx..)…suitable for medium size dog (Eg: Westie, Cavalier, Terrier etc..)

    Large Bowl (215mm x 70mm holds up to 500gm of dry dog food approx..)… suitable for larger breed dog (Eg: German Shepard, Labrador, Retriever etc..)


    Personalised Pet Bowl

  • Sold By: MamaJoGifts

    RELAXATION gift box Irish

    Sold By: MamaJoGifts

    Here is a great little gift for her!


    The products are 100% handmade in Ireland and are made with the finest ingredients.


    The box contains:


    – 1x SOAP

    – 1x LIP BALM

    – 1x CANDLE

    – 1x BATH SOAK

    – 1x CHOCOLATE bar

    – 3x organic herbal TEA bags

    – 1x small CARD

    – 1x pair of earrings or 1x heart brooch or 1x notebook (optional)

  • Personalised Organiser &#


    Get organised with this beautiful personalised organiser. Store your mobile phone, wallet, watch, glasses, keys, rings and pen all together in one space-saving location. Choose from a variety of themes and personalise it with a name or message.
    For the person who has everything and can find nothing!
    Also available in a compact version.
    * Free delivery to anywhere in Ireland *

  • Sold By: WASi

    The perfect gift for the

    Sold By: WASi

    Trio of Seaweed Pesto: Garlic & Lemon, Chilli & Lemongrass and Ginger & Sesame

    Sold By: WASi

    The perfect gift for the

  • Kids Mystery Football Gif



    Our kids football gift boxes are the perfect gift for young football fans. We offer teams from all over the world including the Premier League which we have a great selection of retro jerseys available.

    Our kids boxes are stacked with great original football memorabilia including books, magazines, stickers and loads more. Please don’t hesitate to message for any special requests.

  • St. Anne’s Park Red

    This fridge magnet features a hand-drawn illustration of The Red Stables in St. Anne’s Park, North Dublin.

    All the motifs are hand-drawn before being digitally coloured and finished. Each magnet is 78mm x 53mm with a solid feel and glossy finish.

    The magnets are a fun illustration of The Red Stables in summer-time and are perfect as seasonal gifts, mementos or wedding and house-warming presents or just a daily reminder of the wonderful St. Anne’s Park.

  • Precious stone wire rings


    Beautiful precious stone wire wrapped rings

  • Custom Wire Words


    Customised Wire Words

    Add a splash of magic to your walls with Wired & Wonderful words and phrases. Wire words are a unique way of adding character to any area of your home.

    4 Steps:

    • Choose a word or phrase you would like
    • Count the total number of letters in your chosen word/phrase and select the number from the drop down menu
    • Choose which colour and which font you would like
    • Enter your chosen word/phrase into the comments section ensuring capitals are placed where required

    All words can be made in various colours and fonts.

    Wire Colours Available:

    Gold, Silver, Black or Copper

    Fonts Available:

    Phoenix, Dillon, Iveagh and Herbert

    Quote Ideas :- Home sweet home, Happiness is homemade, Lets stay in bed, The ‘family name’ Get Naked, Our happy place, ginoclock, wineoclock

  • Sold By: K9-Fit

    Set of 4 Cat Coasters

    Sold By: K9-Fit
    Sold By: K9-Fit

    Set of 4 Cat Coasters

  • Facemasks: Music Designs

    100% cotton, reversable, reusable, elastic ear holders Music themed

  • Sold By: TOMBUC

    Personalised Christmas ba

    Sold By: TOMBUC

    A great personlised gift for your loved ones. 8cm Diameter.

    These Custom Christmas Bauble are Lasercut from 3-4 mm Birch Plywood using an industrial grade machine. Each Bauble is made to order. They are sanded and lacquered also to add to their durability.

  • Sold By: Emily and Eve

    Emily and Eve happy affir

    Sold By: Emily and Eve

    Affirmation cards for children

  • Sold By: Custom Keepsakes

    Personalised Toast Engrav

    Sold By: Custom Keepsakes

    Personalised Toast Shaped Engraved Breakfast Board. Solid hevea wood, laser engraved egg board with your personalised message.

  • 30.9937.00
    Sold By: Eddie Lenihan

    April Promotion

  • Speckled Robin Heart

    Hanging ceramic heart with Robin

  • Sold By: Soap&more

    Easter egg

    Sold By: Soap&more

    Antibacterial Handmade soap

    Sold By: Soap&more

    Easter egg

  • Sold By: Hullabaloo

    T-Shirt Design Kits

    Sold By: Hullabaloo



    Our DIY craft kit has everything you need to create a beautiful designer t-shirt. 


    They make a thoughtful lockdown present as you can have your crafter-noon whatever the weather or restrictions.


    You can order more than one so lots of kids can all craft together, as we offer the option to purchase extra t-shirt and templates.  We advise however not to have more than 3 people using 1 set of fabric pens.  


    A lovely idea for a Zoom kids party.  


    We have lots of different themes for you to choose for your t-shirt:


    • Butterflies
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Floral
    • Horses
    • Soccer
    • Outer space
    • Unicorns


    You can transfer the templates onto the fabric, or go freestyle!


    Suitable for age 5+


    The 12 fabric markers will last longer than for just this project so you can use on other fabric you’d like to customise too!




    A canvas bag design kit includes a Fruit of the Loom plain white in a variety of sizes, 12 high quality fabric pens, a pencil, a themed design template of your choice and alphabet template to create your designer clothing 


    The DIY kits are beautifully packaged with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  They include all the materials you will need to make your designer creations!  The only thing you might need which is not provided in the kit is a pair of scissors to cut around the templates. 


    When you have finished creating your designer t-shirt we include simple instructions on how to set your design so it lasts – washable at 30 degrees!

    outer-space-canvas-bag-design-kit floral-canvas-bag-design-kit canvas-bag-design-DIY-craft-kit
    Sold By: Hullabaloo

    T-Shirt Design Kits

  • Horseshoe loveheart

    Upscaled old horseshoes into wall art. Name(s) and date can be added for €5 extra.

  • Chakra Angel


    This Chakra Angel is created from many slices of polymer clay flower and leaf canes. Thinly sliced and burnished to create a veneer where this wonderful angel is cut from. Paired with crystal beads and empowered with reiki energy to give a boost in body and mind.


    Created here in my studio in Cork City, Ireland


    Colors may vary from screen to screen


    Chakra Angel

  • Resin home décor ‘Home

    Epoxy resin home decor ‘Home’ sign with real flowers (price inc p&p)


  • Sold By: FunkyGifts4All

    Red / Gold Plaid Pet Band

    Sold By: FunkyGifts4All

    Red/Gold Plaid Pet Bandana

    Sold By: FunkyGifts4All

    Red / Gold Plaid Pet Band

  • Mother’s Day Care B

    This Mother’s Day let her unbox bliss from the comfort of home and enjoy a full pampering session delivered direct to her door! Mothers spend most of their time looking after everybody else, this Mother’s Day give her a reason and everything needed to spend time relaxing and looking after herself!

  • Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Valentines Mug & Gif

    Sold By: Acen Merchandise

    Enjoy valentines day this year by giving something with a bit of fun!

  • Sold By: Woods & Son

    Original Full Irish Decim

    Sold By: Woods & Son

    One coin from each issued Decimal coin in Ireland 1972-2001

  • Sold By: hoopee

    Plush Tooth Fairy Pillow

    Sold By: hoopee

    The Tooth Fairy’s pillow with a little heart.

    One of those cherished memories for both parents and children is a visit from the Tooth Fairy. You will always remember the excitement you felt when your child lost their first tooth…and their last. This pillow is a keepsake, for boys and girls, that you’ll treasure long after the Tooth Fairy has made her last visit.
    This Tooth Fairy Pillow can be Personalized with your child’s name, or without personalization to use with multiple children.
    Also we can add a ribbon hanger to hang pillow on door.
  • Sold By: 3D_sign_ire

    Make Up Brush holder R

    Sold By: 3D_sign_ire

    3D Printed! Make Up Brush holder.


  • Sold By: Rustic Bee Shop

    Rose Beeswax Candle

    Sold By: Rustic Bee Shop

    Rose candle made of 100% pure and natural beeswax with a hemp wick in the middle.

  • Sold By: K9-Fit

    Cat Print Reusable Screw

    Sold By: K9-Fit
    1. Cat Print Reusable Screw Top Bamboo Composite Travel Mug
      Material: Bamboo Composite – Bamboo (60%), Melamine (35%), Cornstarch (5%) and Recycled Silicone
      Brand: Bambootique
      Volume: 400ml
      Food Safe: Yes
      Environmental Credentials: Made from a composite of sustainably grown and fast renewable organic bamboo mixed with corn starch and melamine for durability. The bamboo has been recycled from offcuts of chopsticks. This range is BPA free, reusable and phthalate free.
      Hot and Cold Food: Yes. Caution: Not to be used with food or drink over 70c as there is a danger of scalding.
  • Mothers Day Card

    The perfect Mother’s Day card that is bound to brighten your Mother’s Day

  • Wedding Personalised Dog

    Handmade dog bandanas that slip on over your dogs collar.

    Size guide

    Small will fit smaller dogs eg shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, minature daschund, jack russel etc

    Medium will fit a medium size dog eg King Charles Cavalier, Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle etc

    Large fit will fit a large dog eg Labrador, Golden Retriever, Red setter, Golden Doodle etc

    Extra Large will fit German Shepard, Alsation, Rothweiler, etc

    If you are unsure please message me anytime for advice 🙂


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