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No Harm Farm, an artisan food producer based in Kilkee, Co. Clare.   No Harm Farm is a sanctuary for biodiversity where magic is harvested everyday. As well as harvesting foraged ingredients in a sustainable way,  on this tiny small holding on the Loop Head peninsula we grow speciality garlic to produce Black Garlic, which is made by taking fresh garlic and ‘aging’ the garlic, causing it to become soft, sweet and jet black throughout. The resulting ‘Black Garlic’ is more mellow in flavour, with none of the “whiffy” odour that fresh garlic has!  It can be eaten on it’s own as a snack, or used in a myriad of recipes. Black Garlic is also nutritionally different from fresh garlic.  The aging process causes the garlic to become higher in protein and bioflavanoids. Scientific studies have shown black garlic to be wonderful for the immune system, for heart health, for gut health and also as a form of protection against several cancers. Black Garlic is not new, but has been eaten in Asia for centuries. I grow garlic here in West Clare without the use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.  It is aged and ripened without additives or preservatives, and sent to you in plastic free, compostable packaging. As well as black garlic, I also create other, small batch artisan food products such as Wild Atlantic Seaweed salt and Irish Flower Salt. All No Harm Farm products are 100% Vegan Friendly    
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