Sterling Silver Motorbike Pendant 22” Chain

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Sterling Silver Motorbike Pendant on a 22” chain.

Sterling Silver Motorbike Pendant on a 22” chain

Perfect  for the motorbike lover. Absolutely a class piece. Suitable for men or women.

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Hi There, welcome to Love Silver Ireland. We are purveyors of some of the finest Silver jewellery with authentic gemstones. We love the meanings of the gemstones and always let you know what it is you have chosen. Gemstones become more powerful the more you use them. Sterling silver is so lovely to wear for Men and women. We also love natural healing so do sell Ion Powerful Magnetic Bracelets and Copper and Magnetic bangles for men and women. I really hope you enjoy browsing through our products and perhaps treat your self or a loved one to a piece of our jewellery. Enjoy love from Mary x