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The GaryB Complete is a one-piece Wheelchair blanket designed to keep you, your legs and feet warm, dry and cozy. Your legs and feet will be completely protected as this blanket encloses the feet, legs and lap. This is our most popular blanket as it is super convenient, slipping on over the feet like a sleeping bag offering excellent protection from the elements. It’s an amazing all-round blanket. It’s available here on Shop in Ireland in 6 sizes from Extra Small suitable for age 2/4 23″x 28″,   Small which is suitable for age 4/7 26″x 34″ , Medium suitable for age 7/10 30″x 40″, our Large for anyone of average height 32″ x 48″, Large Extra Wide  36″ x 48″ and Extra large which is wider and longer, suitable up to 6ft 3, 36″ x 56″ Our blankets are well sized, so get in touch if you have any queries about our sizes.

Through our own unique insight and experience, we have designed our GaryB blankets with the essential qualities you, the user requires’ and deserves. You, the families and carers demand value, quality and choice. This is our number 1 priority at GaryB. Not only are our blankets, superior in functionality and durability but they stand out as they are ultra fashionable, allowing your own personality to shine through and promotes dignity to the user…  “The Original Jacket For Your Feet”

Some of Our Unique Selling Points

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Super Warm
  • Fully insulated
  • Thermal Lined
  • Super lightweight
  • They won’t fall off
  • They don’t get caught in the wheels.
  • Our blankets are simple to use. There are no complicated ties or zips.
  • Handcrafted
  • 100% Irish product

All our blankets are made using a special combination of fabrics. We use 4 layers to achieve the brilliant qualities you have come to know and love. Such as a hidden waterproof layer that serves 4 functions.

  • It makes it completely waterproof, preventing rain and water from reaching the user, keeping them warm and dry
  • It acts as an insulation layer, keeping all the heat in, preventing any heat escaping through the fabric
  • Also acting as a wind barrier, blocking any draughts in the fabric
  • As an internal layer, it doesn’t interfere with the visual appearance of the blanket, allowing us to use fun, friendly and fashionable fabrics and patterns. No boring grey at GaryB unless that what you ask for.

All our blankets are guaranteed not to fall off owing to the unique Loop strap, to use with the Lap belt. They are fully fitted and will not get caught under the wheels or drag on the ground.

They are a game changer for anyone in a wheelchair. They may not be a life changing product but are definitely a lifestyle changing product. Although it depends who you ask, they may well be lifechanging : ))

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The Face behind GaryB

At GaryB our Vision is to create a better life for wheelchair users. We offer you the opportunity to bring a little more comfort into the life of your loved one. This is supported by our range of products that are purposely designed to enhance their life, keeping them warm and dry, while giving them a sense of style and getting them noticed for all the right reasons. Our products may not be Life Changing but without question are Lifestyle Changing.

Our Story………

Gary, our first child was born prematurely at twenty-seven weeks.  He spent six long months in hospital and endured many, many complications. Gary suffered profound Global Developmental Delay, from multiple disabilities and Chronic Lung Disease, which made him very susceptible to chest infections. The lack of suitable products on the market made life in bad weather very difficult, so GaryB Wheelchair Accessories was a business I set up to serve this need.
Gary inspired me, and the concept for my products was born from a desire to offer him more warmth, choice and colour in his wheelchair accessories.
Very sadly my gorgeous Gary died in 2016 aged 16 after a short illness. He led a full and exhilarating life despite his disabilities and was cruising on the Ovation of the Sea in April shortly before he died. He is desperately missed…. We are very proud of the legacy he has left behind, keeping many of his friends and his disabled family warm and cosy. This couldn’t have happened without him. His place in history!!!!
It’s been over 10 years since  we developed the first GaryB Blanket and we have gone on to develop a range of other related products like the range of specialised GaryB Dribblers. We now produce a range of blankets and dribblers specifically designed for the disabled and elderly. The blankets are warm, waterproof and fashionable and the dribblers are super absorbent, completely leak proof and are age appropriate and discreet.
We want to offer you the opportunity to bring a little more comfort into the life of your loved one. We offer you value for money in the form of hard wearing, long lasting, durable products that will stand the test of time through repeated everyday use and daily washing and drying. We know finding practical, functional and durable products that are also fashionable and show personality can be difficult – but with GaryB we’ve got you covered!