Raw Spring Blossom Honey 1kg tub

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Healthy Bee Honey Raw multi flower honey
  • Most popular type of raw honey we sell in Irish markets
  • Flower and Garden Honey is harvested by bees from variety of plants and flowers that are blooming in the late spring. For example; dandelions, rapeseeds, apples, plums, maples, cherries, pears and many more plants and flowers that are blooming in the spring months.
  • Light Yellow or Light Golden Colour
  • Pleasant aroma
  • 100 % raw and unprocessed honey
  • The Honey comes in a plastic tub with a lid which can be reused
  • Honey crystallises over time which is a sign of pureness
  • Set Honey
  • Fast Irish Shipping
  • Supervalue is what you will receive when buying our raw honey


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Healthybee – is an e-commerce store established in 2019 that is based in Navan Co. Meath. In our store, you will find 13 different types of honey including local Irish honey, various bee health foods and honey gift hampers. It is an e-commerce store that we have been looking for ourselves for a long time- with a wide variety of quality raw honey and tea, for the right price. All the Lithuanian honey is brought over to Ireland from Erlandas family apiary in Lithuania. Our Irish honey is harvested at Union Hall town in Co. Cork, with the beehives right of the Wild Atlantic Ocean.