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I'm a Woodturner and Woodcrafter from Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland and I run a full time business from my workshop at home.  I also teach Woodturning to anyone interested in my studio and have taken on students from most of Munster and further afield.  I am a member of both the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and Original Kerry Craft Group. I always wanted to have a home based business and the last recession gave me the push I needed to make a start. Although a qualified Carpenter for years, I had never actually cut and dried fresh hardwood before so since 2014 I have been doing just that. My style of turning suits my personality. I get bored of repetition and I like to go with the flow. When I see an interesting grain pattern emerge on the lathe I try to feature it as much as possible. I don’t like using guides, templates or storyboards at all now. My woodturning is constantly evolving and changing. Rather than doing batch lots of the same pieces over and over again, I turn a group of pieces and then analyze and progress them in the follow up pieces. Looking back through my pieces you should be able to see a clear evolution and progression of design. I see myself as a conservationist and I often have to argue with fallen tree owners where they want to cut the trees into firewood and I want to create something beautiful. It’s such a pity that people see trees as a source of income or heating a small room in the house being totally destroyed in the process. While my turning does destroy the tree too, at least there is something remaining that is as beautiful as the once standing tree. A portion of my sales now go towards a hardwood tree planting organisation in the West of Ireland called Hometree. Please look them up online and donate to a worthy cause. It is so hard to make a living from Woodcraft alone so I have branched out into other retail items.  Any purchase you make from me goes a long way. Thank you for reading.  
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