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The Willow Witch

Creating something with your own hands, with natural materials is truly magical, hence The Willow Witch. Weaving baskets with willow that I have grown myself, cared for and turned into a pliable material is a magical process. I enjoy creating and  also love teaching the techniques to others. Basketmaking is an ancient craft and still very relevant today, with young makers designing new shapes and textures and sharing their skills.  Baskets made of willow, hedgerow plants and other natural materials are on the road to replace plastics as a sustainable alternative. My baskets are handmade with care, strong and durable and at the end of their long life they are fully degradable.

 Knitting is something I seem to have done all my life. Lavender Dollies, small toys, hats, gloves and scarves became a popular addition to the baskets when I was selling in local markets. I like to make a variety of articles, small enough to be made in a few days, or in between the basketry. Multi-colour yarns are my favourite, to see the colour changing as you create is also……. a little bit of magic……

I live, create, teach and present my craft in North Co. Galway. I aim to keep my carbon footprint on this planet as small as possible, therefor you may find that some of the packaging is recycled materials. For more about me, my baskets and other crafts visit my website:

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