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I have been painting for years, its what I love to do so I have always had a studio.  I paint what I love, so if see something that strikes me as funny or beautiful, that’s what I paint.  In an effort to reach out and sell more work I have set up an online presence, which has been really fun!  It has opened up my work to a new audience and I love the feedback I have received. I grew up on a farm in the midlands of Ireland and this background has greatly shaped how I see the world and what I like to paint.  Some animals spark memories in me and I just love to paint them.  The goat I painted reminds me of the goat my Dad kept with the cows in the low fields, he said the goat kept them company!  I was always fascinated and frightened of him in equal measure.  I love to paint cows too, but I think I spent the last ten years painting cows, so I might be taking a break from that now! The last exhibition I had was just before lockdown, Late 2019 into 2020, despite the whole upset of the pandemic and lockdown, the exhibition went very well and the possibility of  producing prints, which would allow me to sell them a cost which would make them more affordable.
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