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Hi, I’m Panna! I’m a Dublin based artist born in 1987 in Budapest, Hungary. I’m a watercolour artist with a main focus on birds and animal portraits. I’m not the traditional pet portrait artist, I’m looking for the wild, that ancient feral personality hidden in every living creature, even when I’m painting domesticated animals.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””” It all started when I was a kid, back in the 90s. I loved going on adventures, getting scratches and bumps while exploring the bank of the Danube or the life among the reeds at Lake Balaton. I loved observing wildlife, watching two bees fight or how the adder swallows its prey could occupy my for hours.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””This love for being outside, in nature, and seeing things that had been unchanged for centuries remained as I grew up, and now my art sprouts from these experiences. I consider getting my own reference part of the creative process as I get to know the character of my subject, so I can add that extra ingredient into my art that makes the paintings come alive. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””” I want to share this excitement I feel when I see a certain bird or wild animal, or the greatness I see even in the humble domesticated creatures. I hope my art brings you this beauty, which is sometimes harsh, but always amazing. Nature is amazing after all, even in your backyard!    
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