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Celebrate Irish heritage and craftsmanship through sustainable design. This Tool Rack is made from recycled horseshoes. We blend traditional techniques with eco-friendly practices to create unique decor pieces for your home. All items are handmade to order, get in touch today!
Horseshoe Tool Rack
Eco Forge
Introducing Better Plants Organic Potato Growing Pack – the ultimate solution for anyone who loves fresh, flavourful, and pesticide-free potatoes!
Our easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to grow organic potatoes at home.
10kg Organic seaweed
1 X 10ltr Bucket NPK pellets
1 X Organic Cold processed liquid seaweed. (Once you’ve planted the seeds, spray and continue to do so every two to three weeks once the foliage appears.)
Bid farewell to bland, chemical-laden potatoes and welcome a rich harvest of delectable, nourishing, eco-friendly potatoes with Better Plants.
Potato Growing Pack
Better Plants
❤ Gorgeous lovely personalised mug letter and bee mug, letters options A-Z
❤ The colour of the design itself cannot be changed however the personalised text can be adjusted - standard colour is green unless requested otherwise.
❤ All mugs are fully washable and gorgeous!
❤The design is exclusive and you won't find it on the high street!
❤ If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me x
Personalised Bumble Bee Mug, Mothers Day Present, Birthday Gift, Thinking of you gift
Keepsake Designs Eire
 Give your horse the best.. n
Betterplants horse care Garlic & Seaweed is nature’s goodness packed into one unique special supplement.
nWe at Betterplants try our best to provide seaweed supplements that are rich in minerals and nutrients for your horse. We pack our products with the purest ingredients to ensure great results in your horse’s health. Our Seaweed and garlic supplement for horses is tried and tested by many buyers, and it has done wonders for them. n n n nIt is a complete, powerful unique blend of garlic, seaweed, that benefits all horses and ponies.
Copy of Seaweed & Garlic powder for Horses (84e4cc)
Better Plants
100% Irish Design by Geea Upcycled & Eco Friendly. Denim Waist apron, half apron.
100% Upcycled apron denim design by Geea Upcycled& Eco-Friendly gardening apron, kitchen apron, botanist apron, teacher apron,barista apron
Geea Upcycled & Eco-Friendly
100% Irish Design by Geea Upcycled & Eco-Friendly. Denim Waist apron, half apron, gardening apron, Kitchen apron, teacher apron, florist apron, barber apron, barista jeans apron, unisex apron.
100% Irish design by Geea Upcycled & Eco-Friendly half apron, waist gardening apron, kitchen apron,denim apron, upcycled, recycled
Geea Upcycled & Eco-Friendly

Get your hands on our BESTSELLING family of terracotta pot men!
Save by buying the 3 family members together!
While stocks last!
Terracotta Pot Man Bundle
Rubydo Gifts
Edible flower seeds: Borage, BORAGO OFFININALIS 225 seeds Bee friendly flower seeds, Bulk seeds packet, FREE POSTAGE

An important edible herb, Borage is also known as Starflower. Delicate blue star shaped flowers provide nectar and pollen for bees and other insects, and the plant is good for us too!
Edible flower seeds: Borage,225 seeds FREE POSTAGE
No Harm Farm
Calendula is a great flower for bees and other pollinators, but did you know it is edible too?
Double Calendula seeds, approx 300 seeds. 2g. FREE POSTAGE
(Also known as pot Marigold)

This cheerful mix contains both bright orange and yellow double headed calendula flowers seeds, in a generous quantity size of 300 seeds , much larger than most other seed packets.

This gives you more seeds for planting as part of a meadow, a colourful border, a herb garden or as a very useful companion plant for other veggies.

Collect the dried petals or whole flowers and use a tea, in homemade beauty products, as a garnish for summer salads or in crafts such as soapmaking or flower pressing. Dry the flowers yourself with low heat and they will keep their beautiful bright orange colour.
Edible flower seeds: Calendula, CALENDULA OFFICINALIS with free shipping in Ireland
No Harm Farm
Wheatgrass juice is the most nutritious drink you can have every day
Packed with natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Our Wheatgrass Growing & Juicing kits make growing & juicing fresh wheatgrass easy.
Wheatgrass Growing & Juicing Kit
Better Plants
Betterplants Worm Farm is an indoor kit for composting kitchen biowaste. These are perfect for household use, in a classroom or office.
The bins are beautiful looking will convert your food waste into excellent compost. Composing with the worm farm is easy and odour free. But all other composting, there are a few simple rules to follow. This kit comes with trays where the worms eat the food waste and converts then into vermicompost, and it has a compartment to collect the liquid worm tea ( tea for your plants Not to drink)

Vermicompost is probably one of the most potent natural growth hormones, with billions of enzymes. Adding the compost to your garden or flower pots will give all your plants a boost of nutrients—nature treating nature. The complete cycle of food, The seed is planted, it turns into food, the scraps and waste goes into your worm farm and feeds the soil that feeds the plants that feel the humans.
The liquid the worm farm produces is excellent for your plants, and it’s nutrient-rich with enzymes essential to healthy plants growth and protects from pests and diseases.
Indoor Worm farm
Better Plants
The Garden box, Contains everything you will need for the growing season. Packed with amazing natural products for your garden
The Garden Box Contains

1 x 1l Organic liquid seaweed
1 x 500ml Root booster
1 x Tomato feed
1 x Seed booster
1 x 10l Soil improver pellets
1x 3kg Organic granular seaweed
1 x 3 in 1 Slug & Snail repellent
5 packs of organic seeds + 1 seed tray

Organic Granular seaweed
3kg Bucket Organic seaweed,
Slow releasing soil conditioner, perfect for adding to compost for repotting, Sprinkel around the roots of your plants when transplanting, add it to your compost bins/ homemade feed for extra nutrients. Our seaweed contains up to 10 times more nutrients than any land plant.
10L Soil improver pellets,
Provides chitin, chitin-melanin compounds, NPK 3-2-1, fatty acids, proteins and cellulose. All of these support healthy bacterial and fungal growth in the soil which promotes fertile soil that will not rely as much on regular mineral fertilizer application but instead obtain its nutrition from nitrogen fixating bacteria and other beneficial fungi and bacteria.

1L Cold processed liquid seaweed, the gardeners just love this product, A little goes a long way, just mixing 20ml with 2l of water and spraying your plants will increase plant stress resistance. Improves yields, also when watered into the roots it encourages rood development. Use on all your plants, flowers, vegetables, tomato plants.

Tomato Plants are very hungry so give them the best,
1L Liquid Tomato feed is the perfect balance of nutrients for healthy tomato plants, when the first flowers appear on the plants start feeding the roots weekly. This is also perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, all flowers.

FREE 5 packs of seeds, Broccoli, Beetroot, Cherry Tomato, Spinach & Sunflower Velvet Queen

FREE seed tray,

Healthy Roots healthy shoots = healthy fruits.
Betterplants much loved Root Booster, This product is just amazing when transplanting dip the roots into the mixture for a few seconds. This will increase root biomass and secondary hairs on the roots, which helps the plant absorb nutrients from the environment and reduces transplant shock.

Brand New Natural Slug & Snail Repellent.
The is just amazing 3 in 1
Keeps slugs away, fertilise the soil and holds moisture around the plants. It’s from a unique mix of seaweed which is dried and chopped leaving the edges sharp with its salty taste the slugs and snails don’t like it.

Seed Booster spray
This unique mix of natural ingredients will coat your seed with nutrients that will improve germination, root development. spray on the soil and seed before and after sowing. The Seed booster will stay working in the compost/ soil giving the young plants the best possible start.
The Garden Box
Better Plants
Designed for hassle-free plant care, this little ceramic watering spike features a cute bumblebee on top of a conical spike, complete with a little hole for pouring in the water in the back that can be pushed into the soil of your plant pots.
Bee Plant Watering Spike
Rubydo Gifts
This elegant plant mister is made from glass and metal and is a great gift idea for a green-thumbed indoor garden enthuisast.
Green Botanical Plant Mister
Rubydo Gifts
This elegant plant mister is made from glass and metal and is a great gift idea for a green-thumbed indoor garden enthuisast.
Botanical Plant Mister
Rubydo Gifts
Bokashi Bins

How do these bins work?

Firstly there are two bins in the pack plus 4kg of bran.

Step 1. Add food waste to your bin, lots of regular food scraps and of course, the magic of these bins you can add meat, bones, fish cooked or uncooked.

Step 2, Sprinkel a half scoop of bran to each layer of scraps, The bran is very special its a microbe infused bran that converts/ ferments the food waste into waste packed with microbes and micronutrients.

Step 3, When the first bucket is full of waste, seal the lid and do not open it for 10-12 days. Bokashi Bins work on the anaerobic process, which means no air is needed to complete the process. Therefore there will be no smells from the bins.

Step 4.  Drain off the liquid produced from the waste; you can use this liquid on your plants, it contains lots of nutrients and micro-organisms your plants and soil will thrive on.

Step 5. After two weeks, empty the bins directly in the soil or add them to a compost bin to finish off the process. The fermented waste from the bins is packed with billions of microbes and nutrients (pre-compost) mix. When added to the soil or compost bins, these garden-friendly microbes immediately benefit the soil structure and plants living in it.

Microbes and the building block for the soil without microbes soil would be useless and less fertile.
Bokashi Bin Twin Pack with 4kg bran
Better Plants
Bokashi Bran

What can be used as bokashi bran?
Bokashi bran is a medium for bokashi bins, They are microbes to live on in your bins and a great source of carbon.
Our bran contains billions of selected microbes, It speeds up the fermenting process in your bokashi bins. Add 10-20g of bran to each layer of food waste will convert all your food waste including meat, fish, bones into a pre-compost mix in just 4-6 weeks. Simply add the fermented mix directly into the soil or into your compost bin.
3KG Bokashi Bran
Better Plants
Composting Course
Better Plants
Winter Soil Pack
Better Plants
The perfect gift for a plant lover, this plant tool is a must-have for misting.
Green Glass Plant Mister
Rubydo Gifts
Handmade Bird feeder for the small birds
Bird feeder for the small birds
The Liquid Trio


 	2 X 1L Liquid seaweed


 	1 X 500ml Root Booster


 	1 X 1L Tomato feed 
The Liquid Trio - Liquid Seaweed, Root Booster & Tomato Feed
Better Plants
Why is betterplants liquid seaweed better than the others?

It all in the processing , how its made, our gentle extraction process it allows us to retain all the nutrients that are in the raw seaweed, no heat or chemicals are used .
Special OFFER € 42.70 Gardeners Starter Pack.
Better Plants
We are the premium liquid seaweed suppliers in Ireland. Betterplant seaweed fertilizer helps in fast plant growth because seaweed is naturally enriched with more than 40 essential nutrients involved in better plant growth. We supply pure 100% organic seaweed fertilizer right from the Irish coastal areas. We make sure that no chemical substance is used in the seaweed extraction process, and therefore it comes with all goodness found in organic seaweed.
Two 1ltr bottles of Organic Liquid Seaweed
Better Plants